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The choice of a token to represent an unknown is wide open. Commonly, x and y are used, but one may use any letter of the alphabet, particularly if it has some phonic association. c is often used as a token for the speed of light; as a substitute for the word celerity.

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Q: What is the letter or symbol used to represent unknown values?
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Who used the name of colors to represent unknown values?

People In ancient india used names of colors to represent unknown values.

Who used names of colors to represent unknown values?

The mathematician David Hilbert used names of colors, such as "white" and "black," to represent unknown values in his work in mathematics and logic. This approach was part of his concept of "Game Semantics" where colors were used to represent players and moves in mathematical games, allowing for the study of logical systems.

What is a letter that is used to represent one or more numbers which are the values?


How are variable expressions used to represent a quantity?

They are used to represent known and unknown values in equations. Usually x, y, and z are unknown; and a, b, and c are known. But u can use anything to represent anything! It helps to solve for unknowns that you need to figure out!

What are 5 different values of x?

In algebra, x can have any value as the letter is used to represent any number that is unknown until solved. e.g. 2x=4 x=2 In Roman Numerals, X is 10.

What do numbers b and c represent?

The letters b and c could represent almost any number. They are used in equations normally because they are unknown, and so that we can figure out their values through solving the problem.

What does varbile mean in math term?

If you mean a variable then it is an unknown quantity that can represent many values until its specific value is determined usually by solving an equation.

How can you represent values using variables?

You can represent values using variables. This can only be done with whole numbers.

Why do you have variables?

To represent values

What values did queen Victoria represent and how these values relate to economic reform?


What does the v in vbbn's represent?


What is difference between null value and not null value?

Putting it very simply a null value is empty and a not null value contains something.