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Divided by two or multiplied by one half.

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Q: What is the mathematical term for to cut in half?
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How do you type half in mathematical term?

Either .5 or 1/2

What is the mathematical name for a snooker ball that has been cut in half?

A hemisphere would be the correct name.

How do you describe if half of 37295 is a whole number?

Only even numbers will yield whole numbers when cut in half. 37295 is not even.

What is geometrical symmetry?

Geometrical symmetry is a mathematical term for a shape that, if torn in half, can be mirrored and restored to the shape again.

What is the mathematical term for term?

It is term.

What is the definition of the mathematical term property?

Property is not just a mathematical term. It means a characteristic or attribute.

What is the mathematical term for distance?

The term is distance.

What does the maths term Bisector mean?

it means cutting the thing in half eg when u bisect a circle u cut it in half

What is meant by the term bisect?

The term 'bisect' means to cut or divide something into two equal parts. An example is if someone cut a piece of wood in half they would be bisecting the wood.

What does the mathematical term hectare mean?

Hectare is a measure of land in square meters. It's a little less than two and a half acres.

What fraction is equal to the mathematical term pi?

The mathematical term of pi is approximated equal to 22/7. :)

What is the math term of bisect?

"Bisect" IS mathematical term!