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A fraction made using a part of something in the numerator and the entire substamce as the denominator.

Example 10 grams of salt are dissolved in 100 grams of water.

The 'part' could be 10 g salt. The whole is 110 g of solution.

the ratio is 10/110

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Q: What is the meaning of a part-to-whole ratio?
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What is twenty five to one?

a ratio meaning the first number is twenty five times greater then the second

What is the meaning of proper fraction?

A proper fraction is a ratio of two positive integers in which the numerator is smaller than the denominator.

Meaning of the slope as a rate of change?

The slope is the ratio of rise over the run. The rise is the change in the vertical distance.The run is the change in the horizontal distance.So the slope is the ratio of two changes, horizontal divided by vertical.

Why does order matter in ratios?

The order of a ratio only matters as far as the "title" or "description" of the ratio. A bottle of squash may say "dilute this in the ratio of 1:5 with water". This would formally be stated as "the ratio of squash to water is 1:5", ie for every 1 part of squash there is, there should be 5 parts of water. Each part of the ratio refers to a specific part of the description: the first part of the ratio (in this case "1") refers to the first part of the description (in this case "squash") and the second part of the ratio ("5") refers to the second part of the description ("water"). If the ratio is reversed WITHOUT reversing the "titles", it becomes the ratio of squash to water is 5:1 meaning for every 5 parts squash there is only 1 part water - a very concentrated drink that will not be very nice to drink (nor very healthy for the teeth) - which is not the same. However, reversing the "title" of the ratio as well as the ratio itself is perfectly acceptable as each part of the ratio still refers to the same thing: above would be come the ratio of water to squash is 5:1 meaning that for every 5 parts of water there is 1 part of squash - the "5" still refers to "water" and the "1" still refers to "squash".

What does ratio mean when comparing two things?

It means that your comparing two things by using the amount. For example there's 5 dogs and 3 cats. The ratio would be 5:3, meaning 5 dogs to cats. You have to watch out the order the question puts it, whatever the way shows you have to do the ratio that way. Hope this helped:D

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The ratio of a case means the ratio decidendi of a case, ratio decidendi meaning in latin 'reason for deciding'

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What is the meaning and utility of rf value?

ratio of a distance.

What id the meaning of recovery ratio in RO desalination plant?

It is the ratio of permeate over the feed water.

What is the explanation for the meaning of percent?

It is the equivalent ratio with 100 as the denominator.

What the meaning of rational?

In mathematics, rational refers to something that can be expressed as a ratio.

What is the meaning of empirical formula?

Simplest atomic ratio of the elements present in the compounds.

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Simplest atomic ratio of the elements present in the compounds.

How do you change ratio to rates by changing one letter at a time 3 times?

I can't think of a way to do that by changing a letter three times, but here are two where you change the letter twice: Ratio - Ratis(latin word meaning raft or boat) - Rates Ratio - Rateo(Italian word meaning accrual or accumulation) - Rates

What is the meaning of term claim ratio?

I'm not familiar with the term "term claim ratio." Did you mean "claim loss ratio?" If so, a claim loss ratio is the ratio between the amount of claims paid to the amount of policy premium. This can be done on either an individual insured basis, or on an entire "book" of business. Hope this helps.