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mathtecnicians. they study math.

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Q: What is the name for people who love math?
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How do math lovers pass?

as the name states, math lovers pass because they love math. a person can truly understand one thing if they can fully accept and love it

What is a good math game name?

Mad Math.

Do people with aspergers like math?

Not all people with aspergers like math. One of the aspergers myths, is that they all love and/or are gifted in math. However, some do seem like they're gifted in math, while others might have trouble.

What is a good name for a math game I am creating a game that people throw the balls into the cups and do the math problems in the cups. Some any good names for the game?

Math Frenzy is a good name also Math Ball

What the name of people that hate math?

Well you can't actually exactly know what the names of people who hate math are. But me personally me I hate math. I despise it. So yeah that's the answer for ya.

Why did Einstein hate math?

Albert Einstein love math

I only fall in love with people that fall in love with me What type of attraction is this Is there any specific name for people that fall in love only with people that fall in love with them?


Where did the name love come from?

no! some people do fall in love! (EW!)

How does the love calculator work?

Love calculators are novice online calculators to determine how much two people love each other. The percentage is worked out by using a simple math method.

What is the name for people who love business?


Why do people hate math?

Well Math can become confusing for some people and they lose interest in math. I am not a big fan of Math myself. I'm still getting a B+ in Math so I'm fine. I wasn't passing Math before I was getting a D- I got a tutor who helped me understand math and helped me focus on it. Math can be complected and confusing. They are not stupid they just don't enjoy it as others.

What is the authors name for Harcourt math fourth grade?

There is no authors name credited to Harcourts fourth grade math book. This is because many people contributed to the book. it is published by HMH Publishers.