What is the other name for nanogon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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"Nonagon". Also "enneagon".

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Q: What is the other name for nanogon?
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How many diagonals does a nanogon have?

A nanogon has no diagonals because there is no such shape. A nonagon, on the other hand, has 9*(9-3)/2 = 27 diagonals.

How many sides does a Nanogon have?

First of all its not NANOGON its NONAGON......... A nonagon has 9 sides..

How many diagonols does a nanogon?


How many lines of symmetry does a nanogon?

I donno :P

How do you draw nanogon?

A nonagon is a polygon with 9 sides

What is the measure of each exterior angle on a regular nanogon?

360/9 = 40 degrees

What is the angle of nanogon?

There is no such thing as a nanogon. However, there is a geometrical figure called a nonagon. An interior angle of a nonagon can have any value between 0 and 360 degrees (except 180); the only restriction is that the sum of all nine interior angles of a nonagon is 1260 degrees.

What is the ninth angle of a nonagon if eight of the angles have a sum of 1130?

Assuming you mean 1,120, because each angle in a nanogon is 140 degrees so the ninth angle is 140 as well. But if this is an irregular nanogon`s still possible to figure out...your last angle would be 130 degrees.

Exteriors angles of the regular nanogon?

For regular polygons all the exterior angles are the same, and like all polygons they add to 360°. So each exterior angle is 360 divided by the n, the number of sides. Hope this helps. ~Isaac Teh~

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