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It can be any number greater than 1138m that you like. By making the area longer and thinner its perimeter can be increased without limit.

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Q: What is the perimeter of 20 acres in meters?
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The perimeter of 30 acres into meters?

The perimeter is 1,390 meters.

Perimeter of 20 square acres?

A square with an area of 20 acres has a perimeter of about 3,733.5 feet.

What is the perimeter of 6 acres in meters?

623 meters, if the parcel is a square.

What is perimeter of 20 acres?

A 20-acre square lot has a perimeter of 3,733.52 feet.

20 acres is how many square meters?

20 acres is 80,937.13 square meters.

How many meters perimeter around a field of 3.5 acres?

The perimeter of a 3.5-acre square lot is 476.05 meters.

What is the perimeter of 9 acres in meters?

You can't tell the perimeter by knowing the area.The smallest possible perimeter for the area is a circle. With 9 acres inside it, the circle'sdiameter is 215.35 meters, and the perimeter (circumference) is 676.53 meters. (rounded)The smallest possible perimeter with straight sides is a square. With 9 acres inside it,each side of the square is 190.84 meters, and the perimeter is 763.38 meters.But it could be anything more than that.Example:A skinny rectangular garden, 121-ft (36.88 meters) wide and 3,240-ft (987.55 meters) long.Area = (121) x (3,240) = 392,040 square feet = 9 acres .Perimeter = 6,722-ft = 2,048.87 meters

What is 20 acres converted into square meters?

Answer: 20 acres = 80,937.13 m²

What is the perimeter of a square that has a diagonal of length 20 meters?

The perimeter of this square is 56.569 meters.

How many linear meters in the perimeter or seven acres?

An area of 7 acres does not specify its shape. It can be a circular, square or in the form of an extremely long and thin strip. The first has the minimum perimeter, the latter can have an infinite perimeter.

How many miles are around the perimeter of 20 acres in a rectangle?


What is the area of a square which has a perimeter of 80 meters?

In a square, if perimeter=80 meters, then side=20 meters, and area= 400 square meters.

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