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80 cm

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Q: What is the perimeter of a right triangle if the legs measure 16cm and 30cm?
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If a right triangle has sides of 16Cm and 12Cm what is the hypotenuse?

If a right triangle has sides of 16Cm and 12Cm, the hypotenuse is: 20 cm

How do you find the perimeter of something?

To find the perimeter of something all you have to do is, MEASURE THE DISTANCE AROUND THE OBJECT, for example if you have a triangle and the left side is 8cm, the right side is 5cm, and the bottom is 3cm, add the three measurements, 8cm + 5cm + 3cm = 16cm

6cm by 2cm What is the perimeter?


What is the perimeter of a square with 16cm as the side?

IF 16cm is EACH side, the answer is four (sides) times 16cm... so that's 64 cm.

What shape has the same perimeter and area?

A square has the same area and perimeter of 16cm

How long is the perimeter of a 5cm by 3cm rectangle?


What is the perimeter of a square whose one diagonal is 16cm?

The perimeter of this square is 45.25 cm

A regular hexagon has 4cm long sideFind its perimeter and area?


If a triangle has 7cm and 16cm what is the area?

56 cm2 * * * * * Only if these are the shorter legs of a right angled triangle and there is no justification for making that assumption. Two sides of a triangle are not sufficient to determine its area.

How long is the perimeter of A rectangle with sides of 5cm and 3cm?

Perimeter of rectangle: 5+3+5+3 = 16cm

What is the perimeter of 3cm by 5cm?

3 + 3 + 5 + 5 = 16cm

What is the name of a polygon that has the perimeter of 16cm?

Any type of polygon can have a perimeter of 16 cm. There is no special name for polygons whose perimeter is 16 cm.

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