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The place value of 3 is 3 tens and the place value of 4 is 4 ones in the given number, i.e 34.

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Q: What is the place value of 34?
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What is the place value of 4 in 34?

ones place.

What place value does the 5 have in 598.30?

The 5 has a value of 500 as it is in the hundreds place.

What is the place value of 3 in 34?

The 3 is in the tens place, with a value of 30.

What is the value of 9 in 34 976?

If you mean 34,976 then its positional place value is 900 = nine hundred

What is the absolute value of -34?


What is the absolute value of 34?


What is the value of 3 in 34?

3 represents the number 30, it is also in the tens place

What is the value of 8 in 34 864 753?

If you mean 34,864,753 then the positional place value of 8 is 800,000 = eight hundred thousand

What are the two numbers have an absolute value of 34?

34 and -34.

How many hundreds in3400?

The hundreds place value column of 3400 contains 4. ------------------------ 3400 ÷ 100 = 34

How do you write babylonian numbers in standard numerals?

The Babylonians used sexagesimal (base 60) numbers. Thus to convert them to standard numbers: 1. Add up the wedges in each place value to a number in the range 0-59; the usual way to write the numbers is separated by colons, eg 17 : 34 : 55 2. Each place value is 60 times the one to its right. Thus, the easiest way to proceed now is to start at the left hand end place value and a result of zero: 2.1 multiply the result so far by 60 2.2 add the current place value 2.3 if there is a place value to the right, move to it and repeat from step 2.1 2.4 the result is now the Babylonian number in decimal. eg having converted wedges into 17 : 34 : 55 result = 0 starting with left hand place value: result = 0 × 60 = 0 + 17 = 17 move to next place value right (34) result = 17 × 60 + 34 = 1054 move to next place value right (55) result = 1054 × 60 + 55 = 63295 no more place values to the right, so 17 : 34 : 55 in decimal is 63295. You may notice that 17:34:55 looks like 17 hours (5pm) 34 minutes 55 seconds - ie a time which is not surprising as we use Babylonian numbers to tell the time! And the decimal version (63295) is the number of seconds since midnight of the time 17:34:55.

Is the value of 4 in 34. 241what?

No it is not.

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