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Power = energy/time = 50/5 = 10 watts

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Q: What is the power of 50 joules in 5 seconds?
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Calculate the power in watts used if you exert 50 joules of work in 5 seconds?

Watts is joules per second, so 50 joules in 5 seconds is 10 watts.

Which of these has the most power?

an electric sander that does 5000 joules of work in 5 seconds

How many watts are 4680000000joules?

Watts are a measure of power, Joules are a measure of energy. The energy is equal to the power times the time. So if you have a power of 5 watts running for 7 seconds, that is 5x7 Joules of energy, or 35 Joules. Looked at another way, power measures how fast energy is converted. So 35 Joules converted in 7 seconds would be 5 watts of power, but it would need 35 watts to convert that energy in 1 second.

It takes 100 N to move a box 10 meters in 5 seconds How much power is required?

Work in Joules = force x displacement= 100N x 10meters= 1000 JoulesPower in Watts = work/seconds= 1000 Joules / 5 seconds= 200 Watts200 W

If 50 joules are used in ten second would the power be 500 watts?

50J /10 s =5 W

12.How much power is necessary to do 50 joules of work in 5 secondsa.5 wattsb.10 wattsc.50 wattsd.250 wattse.none of the above?

B.) 10 Watts

If you did 100 j of work in 5 s what was your power output?

If one were to do one hundred Joules of work in five seconds, he/she would have a power output of 20 Watts.

How many minutes and seconds are 350 seconds?

There are 5 minutes and 50 seconds

Which is faster 50 meters in 10 seconds or 30 meters in 5 seconds?

50 meters in 10 seconds is faster. you go 5 meters per second in 50 meters per second, and you go 6 meters a second in 5 seconds..

If 10 joules in 20 seconds how many newtons?

You can't calculate the force from the rate at which work is done.10 joules in 20 seconds could be:-- 1 newton pushing along at 50 centimeters per second, or-- 0.1 newton pushing 5 meters per second, oran infinite number of other possibilities.From the data given in the question, all we know is that the 'power' is 1/2 watt.

How many minutes are in 350 seconds?

There are 5 minutes and 50 seconds.

What is 350 seconds in minutes and seconds?

It is: 350/60 = 5 minutes and 50 seconds

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