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- Choose a set of axes. One to represent the score and one for the frequency. In general, these axes are perpendicular lines, but they need not be.

- Choose a scale for each axis. In general, your scale is going to be linear, but it needs not be. The scale should be representative of the data, eg. if your max score is 10, scaling the score's axis up to 1000 would be pretty meaningless.

- Each data point should be represented by an ordered pair (x,y) where x is the score and y is the frequency.

- Find the position of x on the axis representing score.

- From that point, which should be (x,0), move in a direction parallel to the axis representing frequency, an amount equal to y

- That is the graphical point representing that particular score's frequency.

- Repeat for all scores.

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Q: What is the process used to plot data points on a graph?
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A scatter plot would be best for non-related data points. A line graph would be best for related data points.

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A scatter plot

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On a line graph, the points are connected by a line. Hence the name 'line graph". A line plot is, A line plot can be used as an initial record of discrete data values. The range determines a number line which is then plotted with X's for each data value.

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You plot your data as points on a Cartesian coordinate system (X/Y graph). You chose "Scatter" from the chart type in your spreadsheet program.

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If you had a formula you would plug numbers in for the variables and solve for the other variables create a list of coordinates (data points). Next you would graph those points and connect the dots.

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To plot a semi log graph with gridlines in Excel, you will first need to input your data. Then, find the chart wizard tool and select XY scatter, and for chart type, select scatter with data points selected by lines.

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