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100. The radius is 1/2 of the diameter.

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Q: What is the radius in feet of the 200 diameter circle?
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If a large circle has a diameter of 200 feet what is its radius?

100 feet.

What diameter is a circle area of 200 acres?

A circle with an area of 200 acres has a diameter of: 3,331 feet.

If the diameter of a circle is 200 what is it's radius?

It is 100 units.

If a circle has a radius of 100 miles what is the diameter?

Its diameter will be: 2*100 = 200 miles

What is the square footage of a 200 foot diameter circle?

the sq. footage of the circle would be 3.14(radius squared). if the diameter is 200ft, then the radius is 100ft. So, 3.14(100x100)= 3.14(10,000)= 31,400 sq. feet

What is radius of circle with 200 ft circumference?


What is the area of a circle with a diameter of 200 feet?

Using 3.14 as Pi the area of circle is: 31400.0

How do you find the perimeter if the radius is 100 millimeters?

First of all, you have to promise us that you're talking about a circle.We're going to assume that, since you mentioned 'radius'.The perimeter of a circle ... usually called its 'circumference' ... is (pi) x (the circle's diameter).The circle's diameter is (2) x (its radius).Diameter = 200 millimetersCircumference = (pi) x (200) = 628.319 millimeters (rounded)

What is the area of a circle if the diameter is 400 feet?

Area = pi times radius2 where radius = 200 feet therefore area = pi times 2002 Area = 125 663.7 feet2

What is the circumference of a circle with a radius of 100 feet?

200*pi feet, or approximately 628 feet. The formula for the circumference of a circle is C = 2*pi*r.

What is the area of a circle whose diameter is 200 m?

The area of a circle whose diameter is 200 meters is: 31,420 m2

If a circle has an area 628mm what is the diameter?

Area = pi * radius2 628mm2 = 3.14 * radius2 dividing by pi (approximately 3.14) 200mm2 = radius2 Taking the square root of 200, 14.14mm is the radius. The diameter is twice the radius, so the diameter is 28.28mm.

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