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Parallel lines have the same slope.

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Q: What is the relationship between the slopes of two parallel lines?
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How do parallel and perpendicular slopes compare or their y intercept?

There is no relationship between the slopes of parallel or perpendicular lines and their y-intercepts.

What is the relationship of the slopes of parallel lines?

They are the same.

What represents the correct relationship between the slopes of parallel lines?

The slopes of parallel lines remain equal distance apart and when plotted on the Cartesian plane they have the same slope but with different y intercepts.

Can you describe the relationship between the equations of two parallel lines?

Their slopes are equal; y-intercept can be anything.

How are the slopes of parallel lines related?

The slopes of two parallel lines will be the same.

What kinds of slopes do parallel lines have?

The slopes of parallel lines are by definition equal.

Have slopes that are the same?

same slopes = parallel lines

How do you calculate parallel and perpendicular lines in a given plane?

Take any two lines and look at their slopes. -- If the slopes are equal, then the lines are parallel. -- If the product of the slopes is -1, then the lines are perpendicular.

If two lines have slopes that are negative reciprocals of each other then they are if they have slopes that are the same then they are?

negative reciprocal slopes ---> the lines are perpendicular equal slopes ---> the lines are parallel

Are two lines with different slopes are parallel?

No, only lines that have the same slope can be parallel.

Which lines or segments are parallel justify your answer with a theorem or postulate?

Parallel lines are parallel. Proof they have same slopes

What kind of lines are they if both slopes are the same?

Parallel lines