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Fibonnacci is Italian for Fish, so the "fish" sequence is a clever play on words.

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Q: What is the secret in Fibonacci's sequence?
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How Do You Find The Next Term For Fibonaccis Sequence?

add up the 2 previous ones.

Did pascals triangle or fibonaccis sequence come first?

Fibonacci lived about 400 years before Pascal did.

When did The Fibonaccis end?

The Fibonaccis ended in 1992.

When was The Fibonaccis created?

The Fibonaccis was created in 1981.

The secret of DNA has to do with the sequence of what along the DNA ladder?

The sequence of the nitrogenous bases, which are the 'rungs' of the DNA 'ladder' are what give DNA its specificity.

What was Fibonaccis family member's name?

Fibonacci had a mother called alessandra and a father called Guilielmo

What are the first Fibonaccis numbers?

The famous Fibonacci sequence starts with u(1) = 1, u(2) = 1 and thenu(n+2) = u(n) + u(n+1 for n = 1, 2, 3, ...Many sequences with other starting numbers behave similarly to this one.

What is the hidden secret in a Fibonacci Sequence?

There is no hidden secret. The ratio of successive terms tends to [1+sqrt(5)]/2 which is known as the Golden Ratio.

In Valet Girls 1987 who were the band that played Purple Haze?

The band was the Fibonaccis. In the movie they also played their song, "Slow Beautiful Sex."

What is the next entry in the following sequence gdoml thc dodi tsosr cobm?

itsSOTOC it stands for secret of the old clock

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yes. use it every playthrough in Otacon's office. by the way, there are two more secret codes that you can use in that sequence.

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sequence of service