What is the shape of GeH4?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Its a tetrahedral

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Q: What is the shape of GeH4?
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The electron geometry for GeH4?


What is the molecular compound name for GeH4?

GeH4 is called germane, germanium hydride, geranium tetrahydride, or monogermane.

What is the hybridization of the central atom in GeH4?

The central atom in GeH4 is germanium (Ge). The hybridization of germanium in GeH4 is sp3, as it forms four sigma bonds with hydrogen atoms using its four valence electrons.

What is the formula of the hydride formed by germanium?

The formula of the hydride formed by germanium is GeH4, known as germane. It contains one germanium atom bonded to four hydrogen atoms.

What makes germanium stronger?

When germanium is combined with hydrogen a chemical compound GeH4(Germanium hydride), is formed and when combined with air it is explosive.

Is AlH4- polar or non polar?

GeH4 is tetrahedral- (same as methane) - any polarity in the Ge-H bonds cancels each other out - do the molecule is non-polar.

Why is the boiling point of GeH4 higher than SiH4?

Boiling point of SiCl4 is lower than expected. Its chlorine atoms have higher negative charge due to lower electro negativity of silicon. Therefore the molecules repel each other. this results in lower b.p of SiCl4

What is the compound for Gel4?

The compound for Gel4 is Germanium tetrahydride, with the chemical formula GeH4. It is a colorless gas and is part of the group 14 elements.

What compounds contain germanium?

Germanium can be found in compounds such as germanium dioxide (GeO2), germanium tetrahydride (GeH4), and germanium tetrachloride (GeCl4). These compounds are important in the electronics industry and for various chemical applications.

Is GeH stable?

germanium monhydride is not a stable molecule. Germanium in group 14 of the periodic table has 4 valence electrons (like carbon) and the stablest form is GeH4 , germane. See wikipedia article on germane

Is GeH2 an Interstitial hydride?

No. GeH2 is a methylene analog and is not well characterised. It has been stabilised in complexes and this idicates that it is a covaent molecule. The best characterised hydride of Germanium is GeH4 germane, and related GenH2n+2 alkane analogs , where n=2 - 5. these ar all covalent molecules.

What is a shape called in mathematics?

a shape is called a shape in mathematics