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sqrt(3/4) = sqrt(3)/2

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Q: What is the simplified expression of the square root of 3 4?
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How do you simplify 3 times the square root of 7?

The expression cannot be simplified.

Can a non-radical number be added to a radical?

An expression such as root(3) + 2 (square root of 3, added to 2) can not be simplified. Of course, you can convert the square root to a decimal and then add, to get an approximate result.

What is the square root of 126 in simplified mode?

The simplified radical expression of 126 is 3 roots of 14. 126 can be divided by the perfect square nine, fourteen times. As a result you have 3 roots of 14.

What is the square root of 48 simplified as?

It is simplified as 4 times the square root of 3. Hope this helps! dancinggirl25

What is the simplified square root of 234?

3 times the square root of 26

Square root of 18 in radical form?

the square root of 18 can be simplified to 3 * the square root of 2.The perfect square 9 is a factor of 18. That means the square root of 9 * the square root of 2 = the square root of 18.the square root of 9 can be simplified to 3.That leaves 3 * the square root of 2.

What is the square root of 3 simplified?

About 1.7321.

What is 3 square root of -9 times 3 square root of -81 simplified?


What is the simplified form of the square root of 9?

The square root of 9 is± 3

Simplify the expression 3 square root 12 plus 4 square root 3?

10 square root 3.

What is the square root of negative 3 simplified?

That's the same as the square root of 3, multiplied by i.

What is 3 and the square root of -27?

-27 does not have a square root. The mathematical expression for the square root of-1 is i.

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