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It would depend on the figures a and e. And since you have not bothered to provide that information, I cannot provide a sensible answer.

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Q: What is the single type of transformation that would produce figure e from figure a in geometry?
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How do you describe fully a single transformation in maths?

It depends on the kind of transformation.

What is font geometry?

Font geometry are angles, spans and lenghts in which single letters of the font are designed.

What is a two dimensional object in geometry?

Two dimensional geometry is called "plane geometry" meaning that it occurs on a single surface or plane. The objects used in plane geometry are called plane figures.

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A combination of transformations involves applying multiple transformations in sequence, while a single transformation involves applying only one transformation. They are the same in that both involve altering the position, shape, or orientation of an object in a geometric space. The main difference is that combining transformations can result in different effects than applying a single transformation.

What is a single transformation?

I don't know and that's why I'm asking!!

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A single transformation involves applying one set of operations to a dataset, whereas multiple transformations involve applying multiple sets of operations sequentially to achieve the desired result. Single transformation may be simpler and faster to apply, while multiple transformations allow for more complex and customized data manipulations.

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in geometry 360 degrees is called a "revolution"