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The sum of the interior angles of an n-gon is 180*(n-2) degrees. Whether the n-gon is regular does not matter.

For a pentagon, n= 5 so the sum of the interior angles is 180*(5-2) = 540 degrees.

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Q: What is the sum of an irregular pentagon's interior angle?
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Does Only an irregular pentagons interior angles have a sum of 540 degrees?

No, it is true of all pentagons.

What do the interior angles of both irregular and regular pentagons have the sum of?

540 degrees

Does the lenght of a side of a regular polygon affect the sum of the interior angle measure?

If you draw two regular polygons, for example pentagons, of two different sizes, the length of the sides will vary between the two pentagons, but the angle between the sides of the pentagons will be the same, therefore the sum of the angles will not change.

What is pentagons angle sum?

540 degrees

What is the sum of a polygon if the measure of the interior angle is 40 degrees?

If an interior angle is 40 degrees, the polygon must be irregular since the smallest angle for a regular polygon is 60 degrees. Since it is irregular, the polygon can have any number of sides.

Is a pentagon an irregular polygon?

A Pentagon is a five sided polygon.There are two types of pentagon.One is the regular which all angles and sides are equalThe other is an irregular pentagon, which has different lengths of sides and different angles.However all pentagons must have an angle sum of 540 degrees to qualify it as a pentagon.So in answer to the question, some pentagons are irregular polygons while others are not.

What is the difference in finding the sum of the interior angle and each interior angle?


What is the measure of an angle of a regular dodecagon?

Interior Angle: 150 degrees (Interior Angle Sum: 1800) Exterior Angle: 30 degrees (Exterior Angle Sum: 360)

Find the measure of an interior angle of a pentagon?

Pentagon = 5 sides.For regular pentagon: 360/5 = 72180 - 72 = 108 degrees at each interior angle.For non-regular pentagons, each interior angle may differ but the sum of the interior angles will be the same as a regular pentagon = 5 x 108 = 540 degrees.

What is the sum of an interior angle on a quadrilatral?

An interior angle is the inside angle of a shape e.g quadrilateral, square

What is the interior angle of a irregular polygon with 9 sides?

The sum of the interior angles of any convex polygon with n sides is n * 60 degrees. Any given interior angle, however, can be anything from just greater than 0 degrees to just less than 180 degrees.

Is interior angle angle sum?

No. An interior angle is one of many angles in the interior of a closed shape - usually a polygon. The angle sum is the sum of the values of a specified list of angles. They may be angles around a point, angles in one or more shapes.