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An obtuse angle

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Q: What is the term for an angle who measures is between 90 degrees and 180 degrees?
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What does the geometric term for an angle with measure 32 degrease?

An angle that measures 32 degrees is an acute angle

What does the mathematical term reflex mean?

REFLEX is actually an angle which is known as REFLEX ANGLE that is only an angle that is between 180 degrees and 360 degrees.

How do u factor x cubed - x?

Term What angle is between 90 and 180 Definition 1/20 An angle that is between 90 degrees and 180 degrees is called an obtuse angle. Ex. : 175 degrees, 140 degrees

What is the geometric term for an angle with 32 degrees?

Acute angle

How many degrees does a left angle have?

There are 90 degrees in a left angle as there are in a right angle but the term 'left angle' is rarely used

What does the term acute angle mean?

An acute angle is a geometry term that refers to an angle that is less than 90 degrees. If it is 90 degrees it is a right angle, and if it is more than 90 it is obtuse.

In your own words how would you define the mathematic term obtuse?

if you want a short answer, an angle with a measure between 180 degrees and 90 degrees

What is another name for a 45 degree angle?

There isn't a specific name for 45 degrees, like when 90 degree angle is called a "right angle". However, there is a general term for any angle less than 90 degrees - "acute angle". Here's a full list: < 90 degrees = acute 90 degrees = right angle between 90 & 180 degrees = obtuse 180 degrees = straight line between 180 & 360 degrees = reflex 360 deg = revolution (because it turns in a complete circle)

What is the term for right angle?

90 degrees, am I right? a 90 degree angle, or a perpendicular angle

What is term for an angle of less than 90 degree?

An angle greater than 0 but less than 90 degrees is an acute angle

What is the correct term Zenith is the angle between an object and the horizon?

If I understand the question, then it includes a false statement.The angle between an object and the horizon is the object's 'elevation' angle.'Zenith' is a point in the sky . . . the point directly over your head, whoseelevation angle is 90 degrees regardless of which direction you're facing..

Does an obtuse triangle has exactly one angle whose measure is greater than 90 degrees?

No. An obtuse angle is just a term to describe an angle greater than 90 degrees and less than 180.

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