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The value of the "1" in 56.123 is 1/10 = one tenth

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Q: What is the value of 1 in 56.123?
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What is the value of the underlined digit 56 1 23?

None of the numbers are underlined. In the number 56123, the 5 has a value of 50000, the 6 has a value of 6000, the 1 has a value of 100, the 2 has a value of 20 and the 3 has a value of 3.

Why does the value of digits depend on the place value?

Because the place value means, where the digit is located with respect to a decimal point. 1 is always 1, but if you place 1 in the tens place value, then the value of that 1 is 10. In the hundreds place value, the value of that 1 is 100. In the hundredths place value, then the value of that 1 is .01.

What is the absolute value of number 1?

Absolute value of 1 is 1.

How do you compute present and future value of a cash flow stream?

Future Value = Value (1 + t)^n Present Value = Future Value / (1+t)^-n

What is the face value and place value of 1 in number 15?

Its face value is 1 but its place value is 10

What is the biggest value possible for an Rf value?

1 +/- 1

What is the numerical value of 1?

The numerical value of 1 is 1. The numerical value of any figure is its absolute value, ignoring its negative or positive sign.

What is the difference between pre and post processing incrementation?

To increment a value by 1, you have 4 choices:value++;++value;value += 1;value = value + 1;Pre and post processing incrementation/decrementation refers to the first two: ++value and value++.Both do exactly the same, as both will increase the value of 'value' by one.If we have a situation like this:int value = 0;int value1 = 0;value1 = value++;This essentially means:value1 = value;value = value + 1;Where ++value means:value = value + 1;value1 = value;

Can we perform bitwise circular shift in c?

Yes: unsigned char CircLeft (unsigned char value) { if (value&0x80) return (value<<1) + 1; else return (value<<1); } unsigned char CircRight (unsigned char value) { if (value&0x01) return (value>>1) + 0x80; else return (value>>1); }

What is the value of six in 67241?

the value of 6 is 60 000 the value of 7 is 7000 the value of 2 is 200 the value of 4 is 40 the value of 1 is 1

What is the value of 1?


What is maximum value and minimum value?

pi value= 1

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