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X axis is horizontal, and The Y axis is vertical.

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Q: What is the x axis label on a graph called?
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What is the difference between axis label and a label in a bar graph?

axis labels are x and y while bar graph labels explain what the graph is representing.

How do you make a x y graph?

Just label one axis x and the other axis y. Voila!! x y graph!

What is the label on the x-axis of the mass spectrum?

"atomic weight" is always on the x-axis of the mass spectrum graph.

How can you tell how to label the axis on a graph?

The horizontal axis is always your x-axis. So just put an X next to your x-axis and you've labelled it.

The x axis in a graph is called what?

It is called the horizontal axis.

What is the horizontal axis on a graph is called the?

x axis

The horizontal axis for a chart is called the x-axis?

Yes, on a graph, the horizontal axis is called the x-axis.

When making a graph of acceleration what do you label the y and x axis?

On a graph of acceleration, you would typically label the y-axis as "Acceleration (m/s^2)" and the x-axis as "Time (s)." This allows you to visually represent how acceleration changes with respect to time.

In a line graph which is the independent variable and which is the dependent variable?

The independent variable is plotted on the horizontal axis, or x axis. The dependent variable, or response variable is plotted on the vertical axis, or y axis.

A graph with distance on the vertial axis and time on the horizontal axis is called a?

The graph is called a corrdinate plane. The horizontal is called the x-axis. The verticle is the y-axis.

What is the graph called that has x axis and y axis?

It is called the cartesian plane

What is axis label in graph?

x= horizontal(flat) y=vertical(up and down)