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a picture, painting, or a drawing

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Q: What is usually in picture frame?
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Where can one purchase an 11x14 picture frame?

An 11 by 14 picture frame usually refers to the size of the frame in inches. As such this is a standard size for a picture frame and is therefore freely available in supermarkets, malls as well as specialist photographic stores.

What sort of pictures are oval picture frames usually used for?

An oval picture frame is a decorative edging for a picture. An oval picture frame is mostly used to display photographs of various persons, but is also used for other pictures.

How do you attach the backing of a picture frame to the frame?

On the back of picture frame backings are hooks. when you get everything in the picture frame you just take your finger and move the hook under the frame.

What is the Tagalog of picture frame?

Tagalog translation of PICTURE FRAME: kuwadro

When you buy a new picture frame what is usually in the picture that it comes with?

Family New baby Bride and Groom Dog Beach/nature

What are the nouns in the sentence the picture on the wall did not have the right frame?

Picture, Wall, Frame.

What metric system is used to measure a picture frame?

What meter is used for a picture frame

How do you Unlock a photo frame on YoVille to put your picture in?

Double click the picture frame

Picture is to frame as cream is to?

Pitcher. The frame contains the picture as the pitcher contains the cream.

If carpet is to floor what is picture to?

Picture frame.

Erica painted a picture. picture has an area of 3600cm2 and is square. she placed the picture in a frame that is 5cm wide what is the perimeter of the picture frame?


What is broadcast frame?

a picture frame with broadcast written in it

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