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Q: What linear expression would you subtract from (2p-12) to have a difference of p?
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What is the expression for twice the difference of x and 5 in math?

The expression "twice the difference of x and 5" would look like this: 2(x-5). To solve the problem, you would first subtract 5 from x, and then multiply the difference by two.

Does difference mean subtract or divide?

You would use subtract to find the difference between values, by subtracting the lower value from the higher one.

What linear expression would you need to add to (-6x+3) to have a sum of -x?


What linear expression would you add to -4y plus 2 to have a sum of y?

5y - 2

Which direction would the graph of y-x plus 2 plus 3 open?

The question contains an expression, not an equation. An expression does not have a graph. Furthermore, even if it were an equation, its form suggests that it would be a linear equation and a linear equation does not open in any direction.

What is the difference when you subtract 819 from 2466?

actually it would be negative

What is the difference of math?

The Difference of math is when you subtract 2 numbers and get the number between it. Example: 30 -20 _____ 10 The difference there would be 10.

What is the algebraic expression for 3 times the difference of 7 and d?

It would be: 3(7-d) as an algebraic expression

What is the difference between 26 and 15?

To find the difference between 26 and 15, you would subtract 15 from 26 to get 11.

Definition for a mathematical first difference?

First Differences(Example of it, imagine in a table format): X.....Y .......First Differences So basically, in a real question, you would know your x variable and y and then, what you do to find a first difference is subtract. First you find all the numbers on the 'y' side and subtract by subtracting the bottom number below the first number in the 'y' column. By doing this, you will find what is called first difference. As you continue to do this, if the numbers are constantly staying the same, the pattern or equation will be a linear but if not, it will be a non-linear. I honestly hope this helps if it doesn't, feel free to correct me by posting a comment below with the correct answer.

What is a difference between numbers?

Difference means to subtract. 'What is the difference between a person 6 feet tall and a person 5 feet tall.' There is a 1 foot difference. (6 - 5 = 1). Normally the difference is expressed as a positive number, so you would take the larger number and subtract the smaller number.

If you were born in 1212 how old would you be?

You subtract today's date from that date to find the difference. 2009 - 1212 = 797