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Yes. That's what specific gravity is all about - the comparison of the density of a material to that of an equal volume of water. If a material or substance has a specific gravity equal to that of water, its specific gravity (sometimes called "spee gee" by the chemists) is 1. If it is more dense, say twice as dense as water, its spee gee will be 2. If the spee gee of a substance, in this case a mineral, is less than 1, it is less dense than water and will float. There may be a few exceptions for porous materials, but this is the rule.

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Q: What minerals have a specific gravity of less than 1?
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Why is the specific gravity of mercury on the moon not the same as its specific gravity on earth?

The gravity at the surface of Mercury is less than the gravity at the surface of the Earth because Mercury has less mass than Earth does.

Do Most minerals have a higher specific gravity than water?

Water has a Specific Gravity of 1. Silicate mineral rocks have specific gravities from 2 to 4, generally. The answer is True.

The specific gravity of a product can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet. How do you know if a product will float in water?

If the specific gravity is greater than one it will sink.

What is specific gravity of crude oil?

Specific gravity of crude oil is how light or heavy it is compared to water. If the API gravity is less than 10 it will float in water.

Which gases weigh less than air?

Appended is a list of gases with their specific gravities. The specific gravity of a gas is a comparison of its density with that of air at the same temperature and pressure. Gases with a Specific Gravity (SG) less than1 are lighter than air.

What is pumice's specific gravity?

Less than 1.0, the density of water.

What is a practical application of specific gravity in HVAC?

Specific gravity is used in HVAC to determine the concentration of refrigerant in a refrigerant-oil mixture. By measuring the specific gravity of the mixture, HVAC technicians can ensure that the refrigerant-oil blend has the correct composition for optimal system performance, efficiency, and longevity. This helps maintain the overall efficiency and safety of the HVAC system.

What can you say about the density of objects that float in water?

Their specific gravity is less than 1

What metal has the highest density?

THE MINERAL WITH THE HIGHEST SPECIFIC GRAVITY IS CALLED OSMIUM (Os) followed closely by Iridium. Most people think that Gold is the leading one. Thank you, Audax Kiwango, Mineral Engineer.

What is the heaviness of a mineral called?

The heaviness of a mineral is called its density. Light minerals have a specific gravity that is lighter than heavier ones.

What is the density of agave?

One comercial source of agave nectar lists a specific gravity of 1.384 (about 75 Brix). This is a little less than the typical specific gravity of honey.

Which things floats in water?

Any substance with a density less than water will float in it. Anything with a specific gravity less than 1 will float.