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84 x 84

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Q: What multiplied by 84 gives a perfect square?
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What is the number when multiplied by 84 will give you perfect square?

that sounds like someone's using instead of doing homework.

What is the square root of 84 using radicands?

first find the factors of 84 if there is a perfect square (4,9,16,25, etc.) multiplied by another number to get 84, then use thatso 84 has 4 and 21, so take the square root of 4 which is and put it outside of the root sign and put 21 in it

Is 84 a perfect square?

No. The sq root of 84 is 9.16555515139. 81 is a perfect square, where the sq root is 9.

What is the conjugate of 84 minus 63i?

The conjugate of (84-3i) is (84+3i). This gives you a real number when multiplied.

What is the simplest radical from of the square root of 84?

First note that 84=4x21 and 4 is a perfect square. So square root of (84)=square root (4x21)=Square root (4) Square root (21)= 2 multiplied by the square root of 21. You can also write this using rational exponents, but this is not in radical form. It is an equivalent expression, however. 2 x (21)1/2

What is the largest perfect square factor of 84?


What two numbers multiplied gives you 420?

How about: 5*84 = 420 as one example

What two numbers multiplied gives you 84?

There are infinitely many pairs. Two pairs, for example, are (1, 84) and (10, 8.4).

What is 84 multiplied by 84?

84 x 84 = 7056

What is 12 multiplied by 7?


What multiplied by what multiplied by what equals?

7 multiplied by 2 multiplied by 6=84

What equls 84?

There are many equations that equal 84. 14 multiplied by 6 is equal to 84. 7 multiplied by 12 is also equal to 84.

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