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The data set must be unbiased, the outcomes of the trials leading to the data set must be independent. The data set must be large enough to allow the Law of Large Numbers to be effective.

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Q: What must you know about a data set before you can use the empirical rule?
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Before a computer can process data where must data be stored?

I'm guessing RAM Random access memory

Before a floppy disk can store data it must be?


Which describes the criteria which must be met before classified data can be accessed by individuals?

Individuals must have appropriate security clearance levels, need-to-know justification, and have signed any required nondisclosure agreements before they can access classified data. Additionally, they may need to undergo specific training or background checks depending on the sensitivity of the information.

Is Hard disk must be formatted before you can store the data?

Yes, it must partitioned and formatted.

Do you form a hypothesis before collecting data?

Yes. The data must not be allowed to influence the choice of the hypothesis.

What is a data capture form?

Before setting up a database the data must be collected. This can be done using a data capture form.

Which items must be supported by empirical evidence?

A theory

What must be stored in memory before the computer can manipulate the data?


How must the data be arranged before creating a summary report?

In a range

What must be present in order to say that sociological findings are based on empirical research?

verifiable facts APEX!!!

Methods for data processing?

Data in datawarehouse must be processed before using it. There are three steps in data processing extraction, transformation and loading.

Setup and hold time?

Setup time is the minimum amount of time the data signal should be held steady before the clock event so that the data are reliably sampled by the clock.Orthe minimum time before which data must be stable before clock transition.Hold time is the minimum amount of time the data signal should be held steady after the clock event so that the data are reliably sampled.Orthe minimum time after which data must be stable after clock transition.These are the times during which the data input must be stable.