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298469 + 10000 = 308469

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Q: What number's value is 10000 greater than 298469?
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What was the value of 10000 in 1940?

10,000 Arbitrary numbers do not change their value.

Which value is great 10000 centimeters or 1 kilometer?

They are both great. The kilometer is more greater.

Which has the greater value 10000 plus 4658.34 in interest or 11000 plus 3525 in interest?

10,000 + 4658.34

What is numeric value of 10000?

The numeric value is exactly 10000.

How do write 10000 in numeric value?

10000 is a numeric value.

Can a negative number be greater than a positive number?

No. All positive numbers are greater than zero and all negative numbers are less than zero. Therefore, all positive numbers are greater than all negative numbers. That said, there is a such thing as absolute value, which is how far a number is from zero. For example the absolute value of -10 is 10. The absolute value of a negative number can be greater than that of a positive number.

What is the nearest thousand rounded to 9762?

9,762 to the nearest thousand is: 10,000. This is because the value of the hundreds place "7" is either equal to or greater than 5. Anything that does equal 5 or is greater gets rounded up.

How were greater numbers formed in the Hindu- Arabic civilization?

The concept of nought for place value purposes was conceived by the Hindu-Arabic civilisation. So by adding noughts to 1 we have 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, 1000000 infinity.

How can you decide with of two integers is greater when both numbers are negative?

The number with the smaller absolute value (magnitude) is greater.

What is greater in value 5.041 54.1 5.401?

54.1 is the largest of those numbers.

What would the median number be of the numbers 012345?

The median of a set of numbers is the value that has an equal count of numbers greater and less. In this example there are three numbers greater and three numbers less than 2.5, so the median is 2.5.

Is negative 0.86 greater than negative1.25?

Answer: Yes When comparing two negative numbers, take the absolute value of each. Whichever absolute value is less is the greater of the two original numbers. ...OR If you look at them both on a number line, whichever is on the right of the other is the greater of the two.

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