What number can go into 15 and 32?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Just 1.

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Q: What number can go into 15 and 32?
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What number will go into number 32?

8 and 4 2 and 15

how much can 15 go into 32?

15 can go into 32 2 full times because 32/15=2.13333333

Which number is in simplest form 15 over 32 or 26 over 39?


How many neutrons does a phosphorus-32 atom have?

how many neutrons there are in a phosphorus atom? The normal isotope of phosphorus is P - 31, which has 15 protons and 16 neutrons. Unstable isotopes are P-32 and P-33 which have 17 and 18 neutrons respectively.

Write an equation for three times a number increased by 32 is the same as four times the number decreased by 15 Find the nu?

3x+32=4x-15 3x-4x=-15-32 x=-47

What is magic Johnson's basketball number?

The number on Magic Johnson's jersey was 32.

How many protons and neutrons are in phosphorous-32?

Well phosphorous always has 15 protons and even in different isotopes of an element the proton (atomic) number will be the same..So even in phosphorous-32, there are 15 protons.. If it is phosphorous-32 then the total of the protons and the neutrons is 32.. 15 protons...So to get the number of neutrons do 32 minus 15 = 7 neutrons.. Just to note, the number of electrons is of course the same as the number of protons so it is 15

What number does 4 and 8 go into evenly?

32. 4x8= 32. They can both go into 32

Does 15 go into 32?

Sure. But not evenly.

What is 15 over 32 in simplest form?

If expressed as an improper fraction, 32/15 is already expressed in its simplest form. Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 32/15 is equal to 2 2/15 or two and two fifteenths.

Which isotope has 17 neutrons and an atomic mass of 32?

The number of protons is the atomic mass minus the number of neutrons; in this instance 32 - 17 or 15. An atomic number of 15 corresponds to the element phosphorus; therefore, the isotope is P-32.

How many timesdoes 15 go into 485?

32 times... with 5 remainder.