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1 less 3 tenths = 7 tenths = 0.7 = 7/10.

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Q: What number is 3 tenths less than 1?
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Is 1.1034 greater than 1.200?

No, it's less than. The number in the tenths place (1) is less than the 2 in the tenths place of the second number.

Is one greater than tenths or less?

1 is greater than tenths

Is four tenths less or greater than one?

4/10 is less than 1.

By how many tenths is a fifth less than 7 tenths?

A fifth is 2 tenths, which is 5 tenths (or one half) less than 7 tenths: 7/10-1/5=7/10-2/10=5/10=1/2

If I have 1 in the hundredths place 7 in the ones and the number in the tens place is less than the number in the tenths?

Given the information in the question, the number is indeterminate.

Which one is bigger 0.448 or 0.68?

0.488 contains 4 tenths and a bit more which is less than 1 tenth 0.68 contains 6 tenths and a bit more which is less than 1 tenth 6 tenths are bigger than 4 tenths → 0.68 > 0.488

Is 4-hundredths less than 3-tenths?


How do you find the digit in the tenths place is a prime number that is less than the digit in the hundredths place?

If it is prime, it could be 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 in the tenths place

Is four tenths less than one half?

Yes, four tenths is less than one half....4/10 is .40 and 1/2 is .50

What is 3 tenths less than 1?

OK,SO 3 tenths less than one is 0.7 or 7/10 or seven tenths. This is because a tenth is 0.1, and three of these OS 0.3, and 1 - 0.3 is 0.7. Hope this helps!

Is seven eighth or eleven tenths closer to one?

eleven tenths is closer to one: think of it this way -11/10 is only 1/11 more than 1 -7/8 is 1/8 less than 1 -it doesn't matter if it's more or less than -so the question is: which is a smaller distance from 1 or which is the smaller number

Is 1 half bigger then 7 tenths?

no a half is five tenths 1/2 = 5/10 which is less than 7/10.

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