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Channel 4 + 1 is on Channel 13 on Freeview.

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Q: What number is channel 4 plus 1 on freeview?
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Why can you not find BBC HD on Freeview?

Channel 50 for BBC 1 and channel 54 for BBC (in general)

What channel is popgirl?

On Sky PopGirl is channel 626 and PopGirl +1 is Channel 629. There is no channel called PopGirl on Freeview and I don't know what channel it is on Virgin.

What channel is BBC one?

freeview 1, cable 101, if you are in Wales and want English bbc1, 800

What channel number is Watch plus 1 on Sky?

Sky channel 155

WILL Star Trek Voyager come back on?

If you love in Britain the voyager series are on channel virgin 1 channel 20 on freeview.

Is there a watch plus 1 on sky and what is the channel number?

yes there is watch plus 1 and the cannel is 155

What channel is the BBC learning zone broadcasted on?

British Broadcasting Corporation - TV, News and radio services It can be found on Freeview Channel 1 and on Sky channel 101

What sports coverage is available to people with Freeview TV in the UK?

At the time of answering, there are NO free sport channels on freeview. ESPN is available - but it's encrypted. Freeview used to carry Sky Sports 1 & 2 - but they have both ceased broadcasting. BT sport is coming to Freeview on channels 57, 58 & 59 - but their service hasn't started yet (and will probably be subscription). The only other sport channel is Racing UK (channel 231) - but that's a 'data service'.

What channel is pop girl plus 1?

pop girl plus 1 is channel 629

What number is the on demand channel on?

the on demand channel is on channel 1.

Can you record more than one channel at a time on sky plus?

you can record (with a standard sky plus box with standard installation) 2 programs at once, as long as you either have one of the channels that are being recorded on (you could still watch terrestrial of freeview though), or are watching something you previously recorded. e.g. you could record sky sports 1, and sky sports 2 at the same time, leave one of the channels on so you can record both at once and switch to terrestrial or freeview bbc1.

Is radio 1 am or FM?

Radio 1, the UK contemporary channel run by the BBC is no longer on AM but is on FM between 77 - 79 MHz. It is also online, on Sky, Freesat and Freeview platforms and on DAB radio.