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As for example 0.591 is greater than 0.59

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2018-04-16 09:26:16
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thats the hundreds place
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Q: What number is greater than 0.59 and has a 5 in the tenths place?
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What number number is greater than 0.59 in the tenths place?

0.6 is greater than 0.59

Is 1.1034 greater than 1.200?

No, it's less than. The number in the tenths place (1) is less than the 2 in the tenths place of the second number.

Is 0.204 greater than 0.19?

yes, look at the number in the tenths place. two is greater than one

Is 1.08 greater than 1.1?

Which is greater : 1.08 or 1.1? As 1.08 is in the hundredths place and 1.1 is in the tenths place the correct answer will be 1.1 as it is bigger than 1.08 ( tenths is bigger than hundredths ) you can take the help of the number line too. Ans-Therefore,1.1 is greater than 1.08.

What is 6512162 rounded to the nearest tenths place?

The correct answer: 6,512,162 rounded to the nearest tenths place = 6,512,162.0

Is 0.23 greater then 0.6?

No - the number in the tenths column of the number 0.6 is greater than the number in the tenths column of 0.23 - making 0.23 smaller than 0.6.

Is 7.02 a smaller number than 72 tenths?

No 72 tenths is 7.2, which is greater than 7.02

Is 0.8 greater than 0.23?

0.8 is greater than o.23 because the tenths place is greater than the hundredths place. .8 > .2

How do you round 4.75 to the nearest tenth?

Since the number in the hundredths place is greater than or equal to 5 round the tenths place up.

What is a mixed number that is greater than two and six tenths?

2 and 7 tenths or anything higher than that.

Why is 0.4 greater than 0.04?

Using place value, 0.4 is 4 tenths and 0.04 is 0 tenths so 0.4 is greater than 0.04

Is one greater than tenths or less?

1 is greater than tenths

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