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Q: What number represents the quantity for a profit of 65?
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What does the number 65 represent?

It represents 60 + 5.

Percent to a decimal in real world?

A percentage of a number equates to that quantity of hundredths of that number. A number of hundredths when expressed as two digits, are the first two figures after (to the right of) the decimal point. EXAMPLE : 80% of 65 is equal to 65 x 80/100 = 52 BUT, 80/100 expressed in decimal form is 0.80. The calculation could then be written as 65 x 0.80 = 52

Why is oil and natural gases important to Texas?

its like 65% of their profit

If an atom has 65 protons the atomic number is?

The atomic number is determined by the number of protons in an atom. Therefore, if an atom has 65 protons, its atomic number is 65.

How much money did bernie madoff profit from the ponzi scheme?


The sum of two number is 65 and one of the number is x. What is the other number?

65 - x

65 percent of what number is 65?


Housing represents what percent of the monthly budget of most Americans?

65 percent

Is 65 prime number?

No 65 is not prime since it has factors of 1 and 65 or 1*65=65 and 5 and 13 or 5*13=65. Prime numbers have only 1 and that number as its factors.

What is number 65 in the Sinnoh pokedex in Pokemon diamond?

Number 65 is Drifloon.

What fraction is 65cm?

There can be no answer. 65 cm can be expressed as a fraction only in the context of another quantity of length.

What can 65 be divided by?

Any number, including 65, can be divided by any other number, but the quotient may or may not be a whole number. If you're looking for a number by which 65 can be divided that will give you a quotient that is a whole number, that would be either 5 or 65.