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12 and 3

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Q: What property does the hour and minute had of a 3 o'clock show?
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What time is the weather show?

at 9 oclock

How do you show half-past 8?

The hour hand between 8 and 9. The minute hand at 6.

How do you show half past 4?

The hour hand between 4 and 5. The minute hand at 6.

How do you show work for How many seconds are in an hour?

1 hour = 60 minutes and 1 minute = 60 seconds So 1 hour = 60*60 = 3600 seconds.

How long is Disney on ice show?

The Disney on Ice show is around a two hour show. The first half of the show is roughly 50 minutes in length which is followed by a a brief 15 minute intermission. Once the intermission is finished, the second half of the show begins and that is generally 40 minutes in length.

When is going to show inuyasha?

THEY DO SHOW IT! and adult swim at 5:00 oclock in the morning xD but there reruns no new episodes :P

How do you read a clock?

the long hand is the minute hand the short hand is the hour hand the short hand show the hours the minute hand show minutes the long goes by 5's so if it was on the 4 i would be 20 mins

How long is the Cirque de Soleil Dralion show?

Dralion is a two hour and a half performance, including a 20 minute intermission.

If you reflect the hands of one o clock across a line from 9 to 3 what time will it show?

The minute hand will be on the 6 and the hour hand on the 5. This is is somewhat like 5:30, but at 5:30, the minute hand would still point to the six but the hour hand would be midway between the 5 and 6. There is no time when the hour hand is on the 5 and the minute hand on the 6.

If the hour hand on the clock is pointing in the middle of 5 and 6 and the minute hand is pointing at 4 then what time does the clock show?

the answer is 5:20

How many degrees will the minute hand move to show a time of 1256?

It will move no degrees to show a time of 1256 since as soon as it does move it will no longer show a time of 1256.Perhaps that wasn't the question you meant to ask.Did you mean: how many degrees will the minute hand move past the hour of 1200 to show a time of 1256?In this case the minute hand makes 1 full revolution, or 360o every hour or 60 minutes.Thus it will move 56/60 x 360o to get to 1256 from 1200, ie 336o.If this is not your question, please post a rephrased question.

What is the longest iCarly show in the world?

They are all 30 minutes long. Pretty sure they are anyway, if they are ALL 30 minute then the longest can only be an hour.