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The first quadrant.

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Q: What quadrant includes 15 degrees?
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What quadrant does angle - 980 degrees lie in?

The answer is 3rd quadrant because 980 degree -720 degree =260 degrees so the 3rd quadrant is 180 degrees to 270 degrees

What quadrant is -210 degrees in?

The second quadrant.

What quadrant is 420 degrees in?

The fourth quadrant.

What is the range of degress in the 4th quadrant?

The range of degrees in the IV quadrant on the Cartesian plane is 270 degrees to 360 degrees

What quadrant is 015 in?

what quadrant is (0,-15) in

How many degrees are in one quadrant?

90 degrees

What quadrant in standard position is -305 degrees?

-305 degrees would be equal to 55 degrees, which can be found in quadrant one in the standard position.

How many degrees are there in a quadrant?


What is angle in a quadrant?

Each quadrant is equals to 90°. A graph is consists of four quadrants, with each measuring 90 degrees. Quadrant I ranges from 0 degree to 90 degrees, Quadrant II is from 90° to 180°, Quadrant III is from 180° to 270°, and lastly, Quadrant IV is from 270° to 360°

What quadrant does -135 degrees?

Third quadrant. From the origin (0,0) and on the positive x-axis. Move an arrow/line clockwise from this axis by 135 degrees. The first 90 degrees are in the bottom right (4th)quandrant. The next 90 degrees(to 180 degrees ; includes 135) will be in the bottom left (3rd) quadrant. NB From the positive x-axis ,moving anti-clockwise about the origin the angles are positive. When moving clockwise from the same axis the angles are negative.

What quardrant is 828 degrees?

In quadrant II.

How many degrees in a 1 quadrant?


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