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Q: What rectangle has exactly 100 squares?
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What size rectangle have exactly 100 squares?

It can be any rectangle having a combination of width and length that, when multiplied together, yield a product of 100 squares. The rectangle could be 1 square wide and 100 squares long, or 5 squares wide and 20 squares long, or it could be a plane square with 10 squares wide on each side.

How many rectangles of any size are there containing 11 squares?

There is only one rectangle containing exactly 11 squares.

How do you find the square of a rectangle?

To find a Square in a rectangle first you have to:Make sure the rectangle is Flat.Draw a line straight and exactly in the middle.There you have your two squares in your Rectangle!So just cut a Rectangle in half!

How many squares in a rectangle?

An infinite number of squares can be placed within a rectangle.

Is a retangle a square or is a square a rectangle?

A square is a rectangle, rectangles don't have to be squares but squares have to be rectangles.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle with two 5cm squares?

the perimeter of a rectangle with two 5cm squares will be 30cm

Are some squares not rectangles?

squares are a type of rectangle

Are all rectangle squares?

no, but all squares are rectangles

What shape can you create when you join two squares?


Can a squares be a rectangle?

No, but put 2 squares beside each other and get a rectangle! No, that's why they have different names.

Rectangles and squares?

A square is a rectangle and a rectangle is a parallelogram and a parrallelogram.

How can you make a rectangle?

You can make a rectangle by using two squares

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