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Q: What regulation replaced the AFI 91-301?
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What regulation replaced the AFOSH 91-50?

Afi 91-203

What afi replaced afi 21-116?

Mpto 00-33a-1001

What AFI replaced the old military 35-10?

Afi 36-2903

What regulation is air force ground safety?

Afi 91-202

AFI and DoD are the key intelligence oversight authorities.?

AFI 14-104 and DoD 5240.1-R are the key intelligence oversight authorities.

What TO replaced afi 21-116?


What regulation specifies that the BECO is the central receiving point for any base?

AFI 33-112, Computer Systems Management

What is the regulation for air force pt uniform?

AFI 36-2903, page 24 and 25. However each MAJCOM will have a supplement to this regulation and the individual Base Commanders can implement their own policies on wear of the uniform. Google E-pubs and it will bring up all the regs.

What is AFI36-2902?

AFI 36-2902 is the Air Force Instruction that covers "Physical Fitness and Body Composition Program." It provides guidelines and regulations for managing the physical fitness requirements of Air Force personnel, including standards for testing, exemptions, and remedial training. Compliance with this instruction is important for maintaining the health and readiness of Air Force members.

Which dod directive or regulation air force instruction or executive order applies only to IO requirements for air force members?

Afi 14-104

US Air Force Enlisted Force Structure?

The US Air Force Enlisted Structure is a regulation which defines the scope and responsibilities (general and specific) of each tier or Airmen. The regulation is AFI 36-2618. Last revision was in February of 2009.

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