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there is a lot like irregular shapes

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Q: What shape are non symmetrical shapes?
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What is it called when something has the same shape and size?

symmetrical shapes

Shape that has 1 line of symmetry what is it called?

Such shapes are known as symmetrical.

What are non symmetrical shapes?

I dont really know. That is what I am trying to figure out !! I think non-symmetrical shapes are shapes where all sides are different lengths/sizes. For example, a square or rectangle would not be non-symmetrical. It would be symmetrial because not all of the sides are different lengths. Hope that kinda helps. If not, I'm sorry!!

When is a molecular shape symmetrical or unsymmetrical?

Linear Trigonal Planar Tetrahydral Trigonal Bipyramid Octahedral Square Planar These are the symmetrical molecular shapes.

What are the symmetrical shapes?

they are shapes that are the same on the other side e.g a rectangle ....if you put a mirror on the shape if you look in the mirror it will look the same

Is each shape symmetrical?

some shapes have many lines of symettry while others have none.

Do non congruent shapes have to be the same shape?

no they do not that is why tey are called non congruent shapes

What is a symmerty shape?

A symmetrical shape is a mirror image of a shape when a line is drawn through it and some shapes have many lines of symmetry or none at all.

What is the difference between geometric and organic shapes?

An organic shape is flowy, uneven, not symmetrical while geometric shapes are precise.

Is CCl4 polar or non pollar?

The tetrahedral and symmetrical shape makes the molecule non-polar

Is an octagon shape symmetrical?

yes it is a symmetrical shape

Is boron trihydride polar?

Non - polar, because of a highly symmetrical shape.

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