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A parallelogram looks like a leaning-over rectangle.

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Q: What shape does a parallelogram look like?
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A rectangle pushed out of shape?

It would look like a parallelogram.

What shape is the state of Tennessee?

Tennessee kind of look like a parallelogram

Is a hexagon a parrallelogram?

No, a hexagon has six sides and a parallelogram only has four sides. A parallelogram is a type of quadrilateral, or four sided shape. A parallelogram looks more like this: __ /__/ A Hexagon doesn't really look like that.

What does a parallogram look like?

I think you mean parallelogram. Parallelogram look like a rectangle but it looks slanted rectangle. __________________ /_________________/ ^^that is parallelogram ^^

What does a rectangle that is not a parallelogram look like?

A rectangle will always be a parallelogram.

How are a trapezoid and a parallelogram different?

A trapezoid and parallelogram are both quadrilaterals. Their top and bottoms are parallel. In a parallelogram, all four sides are parallel making it look like a rectangle that was pushed on an angle. The trapezoid is more like the shape of an "A" with a square top.

What does a parallelogram in 3d look like?

It's the same shape as one of those pink school erasers. I hope you can picture it.

What shape is a parallelogram but not a quadrilateral?

A shape that is a parallelogram but not a quadrilateral doesn't exist.

What does a parallelagram look like?

A parallelogram is a quadrilateral with 2 pairs of parallel sides. Examples of such are rectangle, square, rhombus or diamond shape.

What does a parallelogram prism look like?

A parallelogram prism (or parallelpiped) is a 3D parallelogram, so it looks like a cuboid pushed to the side.

What objects look like a parallelogram?

A object that looks like an parallelogram is a earser , or even ahouse roof.

What other shape names can be used to describe a square?

The shape is like a diamond,or a rectangle. Parallelogram

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