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A hexagonal prism.

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Q: What shape has 2 congruent hexagons and 6 congruent rectangles?
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What polyhedron can be formed from a net diagram that has 2 congruent hexagons and 6 congruent rectangles?

A hexagonal prism.

What polyhedron can be performed from a net diagram that has 2 congruent hexagons and 6 congruent rectangles?

rectangular prism

What shape does 8 rectangles and 2 hexagons make?


What shape is made up of 6 rectangles and 2 hexagons?

6 rectangles an 2 hexagon * * * * * A hexagonal prism.

What kind of faces hexgaonal prism?

2 hexagons, 6 squares or rectangles

Does a octahedron have all triangle faces?

how about 2 hexagons connected with 6 rectangles

What 3-dimensional figure can you make with 2 congruent pentagons and 5 congruent rectangles?

A pentagonal prism.

What solid has faces with 2 congruent triangles and 3 congruent rectangles?

A prism??? O.o sounds like it to me anyway...

How many congruent shapes does a rectangular prism have?

6 shapes. There are the 4 long rectangles and 2 squares or smaller rectangles.

How many vertices does a octahedron prism have?

An octahedron shape is one which has 8 faces. Since it is a prism it must be a hexagonal prism (2 hexagons and 6 rectangles = 8 faces). And a hexagonal prism has 2*6 = 12 vertices.

What is a prism shape?

Any 3D shape with a constant cross-section; in other words, a 2D shape stacked on top of itself, like a triangle on a Toblerone box. But it need not be a triangular shape that is stacked. A rectangular 2-d shape would give a cuboid. Any poygonals shape can be stacked for a prism. Not a piramid, or pyramid even, which is not a prism!

What shape has 2 hexagons and 6 squares?

The imaginary shape... :) Really it is a hexagonal prism.