What squared equals 41?

Updated: 8/22/2022
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Q: What squared equals 41?
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What is the answer to x squared plus y squared equals 25?

X2+y2=25 (x-8)2+y2 =41

Where do you put the brackets in the sum 1 plus 3squared plus 5squared equals 41?

1+32+52=41... The brackets go around the first part like this - (1+3)2+52=41 Because... 1+3=4 squared is 16, add that to 5 squared (25) equals 41.

What is 4 squared plus 5 squared?


How do you do the pythagoreum theorem?

The pythagorean theorem states that in a right triangle, the hypotenuse ( the line opposite of the right angle) squared is the two sides squared and added up. In other words. a squared plus b squared equals c squared. C squared is the hypotenuse squared. then, you can find the length of C by finding the square root of C. Ex. right triangle has 2 sides with lengths. 4 and 5. the missing length is c. 4 squared plus 5 squared equals 16 plus 25 which is 41. square root of 41 is 6.4. That is the length of c. sorry if it's a little confusing.

What number squared equals 30?

5.477225575 squared equals 30.

What equals 121 when its squared?

The number that equals 121 when squared is 11.

What is a squared plus b squared equals c squared when a equals 2 and c equals 6?

b = sqrt32 or 4 root 2

How do you factorise x squared - 41?

x2 - 41 cannot be factorised.

Does 6xy-8xy equals -2x squared y squared?

No, it equals -2xy. lrn2math

If A squared plus B squared equals C squared and C equals 8 and A and B are the same length what are A and B?


Assuming A squared plus b squared equals c squared and a equals 10 and b equals 30 what is c?

C equals the square root of 1000 or 31.622776601683793319988935444327...

What is 66 squared?

66 squared equals 4,356.