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Q: What sum of money is 3 times larger than 15p?
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How much money does the government earn per chocolate bar?

in a pound the government get 15p

What is 5p 15p plus 7p in algebra?

5p + 15p + 7p = 27p 5p - 15p + 7p = -3p 5p x 15p + 7p = 75p2 + 7p 5p/15p + 7p = 7p + 1/3

15p of 75p as a fraction?

15p/75p = 15/75 = 1/5

What fraction of 80p is 15p?

fraction of 80p is 15p = 15/80 or 3/16

How may different ways can you make 15p?

how many different ways can make 15p

Is it money for a moshling if your not a member?

you plant seeds to get the and they are only 15p each for 3 seeds to get one its only 60p for 3.

How do you do 15p equals 75?

15p = 75 Therefore, p = 75/15 p = 5

Three times the value of a coin equals 15p what is the value of the coin?

well as if i know it might be 5p

What a quarter of 20p?


What fraction of one pound is 15 pence?

15p/£1 = 15p/100p = 15/100 or 3/20

Combine like terms 12X plus 15p-6p plus 11X?

12x+15p-6p+11x = 12x+11x+15p-6p = (12+11)x+(15-6)p = 23x + 9p

What is 15pt c?