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greater than would be: >

less than would be: <

Equal would be: =

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2016-10-17 18:55:32
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Q: What the signs for less or more than?
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What are the signs for less than and greater than?

Less than &lt; Greater than &gt;

What is the signs for greater than and less than?

greater than is &gt; less than is &lt;

What are the less than greater than signs?

&gt; &lt;

What are the greater than and less than signs?

greater than= &gt; less than= &lt;

Can equation and inequality have the same solution?

No, inequalities have more than, less then, at least, or no more than signs. Equations just have equal signs. An inequality answer can't be written as just a number it has to have a sign with it.

What do the greater than and less signs look like?

Greater than: >Less than:

What are the greater than less then signs?

They are: &gt; means greater than and &lt; means less than

Less than or greater than signs?

Less than sign is &lt; Greater than sign is &gt;

What is the HTML tag for bold?

b ('b' in more/less than signs, then your text, then '/b' in more/less signs.) I don't know if it uses HTML the answers, but it looks like this: &lt;b&gt;example&lt;/b&gt;

What are the mortality odds as determined by Ranson's signs?

The more signs present, the greater the chance of death. A patient with less than three positive Ranson's signs has a less than 5% chance of dying. A patient with three to four positive Ranson's signs has a 15-20% chance of dying.

What are the less than and greater than signs which are labeled?

the less than sign is &gt; the greater than sign is &lt;

What does less than or greater than mean?

it means the signs you use in math. less than &lt;. greater than &gt;

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