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The answer is "negative three halfs." (- 3/2) or _ 1 1/2

The equation is:

-2/3 (x) = 1

-x = 3/2

x = -3/2 (aka negative one and one half)

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Q: What times negative two thirds equals one?
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What is negative two thirds times one?

negative two-thirds

What is 7 plus two-thirds times equals negative one?

well first of all if I gave you the answer it would be cheating. but I will show you a better way to do the problem. seven plus two thirds is easy. It is seven and two thirds. now times that by negative one . remember your integer rules. Positive times a positive is equal to positive. negative times positive is negative is but a negative times a negative is a positive. b so seven and two thirds times negative one is negative seven and one thirds. I hope that I could have been of some assistance to your problem. Remember to work the problem one step at a time. If you look at the whole problem you will get confused. look at segments than put it all together. good luck.

What is the answer to negative one-third times negative 2?

Positive two-thirds.

What is One third times negative two thirds?

It is -2/9

When you are finding the product of multiple numbers how can determine if the product will be positive or negative?

A positive times a positive equals a positive, a negative times a negative equals a positive, a negative times a positive equals a negative(vice versa for the last one)

What is Negative one third times what equals negative nine?


What is Negative ten to the third times one half times 4 equals?

negative 2,000. =

Two thirds times what equals one?

3 over two

What is four times negative one?

Four. Remember, negative times negative equals positive.

What is negative one to the power of 4 equal?

-1 to the power of four equals -1 times -1 times -1 times -1. -1 times -1 equals 1 (since a negative times a negative equals a positive). (1 to the power of 2) 1 times -1 equals -1 (since a negative times a positive equals a negative). (1 to the power of 3) -1 times -1 equals 1. (1 to the power of 4)

When you multiply a positive numder by a negative one what is the sign of the answer?

Positive times negative equals negative.

What does nine times one thirds equal?

9 X 1/3 equals 3