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Q: What transformation moves objects along a circular arc with a specified center through a specified angle?
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Which transformation turns every point of the preimage through a specified angle and direction about a fixed point?

A rotation turns a shape through an angle about a fixed point

If the universe was circular and you could see far enough could you see our solar system?

Through the nebula and small bodied objects; barely discernible, if at all.

How would you describe the flow through circular channel?

The flow through a circular channel goes in a roundabout motion.

What is circular diameter?

Circular diameter is the distance from side to side of a circle through the middle.

Does light pass through objects?

sometimes it pass through objects

Can Electrons can move through objects.?

yes they can move through inanimate objects.

Which objects light can pass through?

an objects light can pass through is transparent

Distance through the center of a circular object?


Are x-ray waves easily blocked or can they pass through objects?

They can easily go through objects

What transformation does natural gas go through to get to your home?

The pressure is reduced

What is the order for a substances transformation through phases?

Solid--> liquid--> gas.

What is a transformation in which a figure is spun through a given angle?

It is called a rotation