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Any two digit nuber from 10-99 can be squared or cubed.

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Q: What two digit number can be squared and cubed?
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What is the lowest two digit number that can be squared and cubed?

10. Any number can be squared or cubed.

What is the smallest two digit squared number that is odd?

25 is the smallest two didgit squared number

What is an odd two digit number that there two digits add up to eight and its squared root is 50?

If its squared rott is 50, the number must be 2500, which is not a 2-digit number.

What is the only two digit number that is both a squared and cubic number?


How do you solve 4x squared times 6x squared?

multiply the base number and add the two exponets together

What is a one digit number that is a perfect cube?

There are two single-digit numbers less than 10 which are cubes of whole numbers. These are 13 (one cubed = 1) and 23 (two cubed = 8).

Find a two digit number that is the same as the ones place digit squared?

Hint, but not your answer: You know your answer has to be between 11 and 99. Furthermore, it has to be a square. One, two, and three when squared are still single digit numbers. Four squared is 16, which is not squaring the ones digit. Keep going...

What is the square of the least two digit prime number?

The least 2-digit prime number is 11. Thus, 11 squared is 121.

What is two cubed plus three squared?


What is x squared times x cubed?

X^5. When you multiply two of the same variables to a certain power, you simply have to add the powers together. So a number squared (2) times a number cubed (3) would equal a number to the fifth.

What is a two digit whole number that is a cubed number and a square number?

The answer is 64 4^3 = 64 8^2 = 64

What is seven squared times two cube?

Seven squared times two cubed is equal to 392.

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