What type of angle could measure 33?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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an acute angle

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Q: What type of angle could measure 33?
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What type of angle that measure 33 degrees?

33 degrees is an acute angle because it is greater than 0 but less than 90 degrees

Find the Measure of the complement of a 57 degree angle?


What are the measures of a complement and a supplement of an angle with measure 57?


What is the measure of an angle that is supplementary to 147 degrees?

33 degrees

How much time will a 33 degree angle measure when observed under a microscope that magifies 10 times?

It will still measure 33 degress.

If angle a has a measure of 33 degrees and angle b has a measure of 57 degrees then the two angles are?

The two angles are complementary, seeing as they add up to equal 90 degrees.

If angle 3 is 33 and arc FD is 60 what is the measure of arc FG?

FG = 6 :)

If an angle measures 33 which would be the measure of ist complement?

the sum of complimentary angles is 90 degrees, so then 90 - 33 = 57 degrees

What is the measure of each exterior angle in regular 11-gon?

360/11 = 32.7272.. degrees.

What kind of angle has a 33 degree angle?


What is the complement of a 33 degree angle?

Complementary angles add up to 90°. The complementary angle of 33° is therefore 90 - 33 = 57°.

Two angles of a triangle measure 78 degrees and 33 degrees What is the measure of the third angle?

The angles of a classic Euclidian Triangle always add up to 180 degrees. The best way to remember this is a equilateral triangle (all sides same length and all angles the same angle) has 60 degree angles (3 of them = 3 x 60 = 180). In your case, 78 +33 = 111 your missing angle is 180 -111 = 69 degrees.