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2, -2, 5, -5, 10, -10, 23, -23

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Q: What value of b would make x2 plus bx-24 factorable?
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Which vauble of b would make xsquared plus bx-30 factorable?

1, -1, 7, -7, 13, -13, 29, -29

What value of b would make X plus bx-24 factoranble?

10 is the value of b that would make X plus bx-24 factorisable.

Is 3x2 - 24x -48 equals 0 not factorable?

Make it easier, divide by 3: 3(x2 - 8x - 16) This is as far as it goes. (Quadratic formula gives roots as 9.66 and -1.66)

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What value of x would the quotient (3x2 4x-5) Divided BY (x 2) not make sense?

If that denominator is x + 2, a value of -2 for x would not make sense as division by zero is undefined.

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