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She was the first person to write programs (for Charles Babbage's computers).

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Q: What was Ada love laces contribution to math?
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How old was Ada Byron invent the first computer system?

Ada Byron contribution

When was For the Love of Ada - film - created?

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What is the duration of For the Love of Ada film?

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Ada Bayron contribution?

she made kickapoo vs dike she has a burrito

What was ada's favorite subject at age six?

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What contribution did Ada bayron make to computer?

she was the first programmer. she was a mistress to Charles Baggage

What contribution did Ada?

Ada-95 was the first ISO standardized object oriented programming language. Ada Augusta Countess of Lovelace was the world's first computer programmer, although she never got to run her program as the machine it was written for was never built. Which Ada were you asking about?

What were Ada Lovelace contributions to math?

Ada Lovelace;s contributions to math consisted of translating an article about the analytical machine created by charlie brown and writing her own notes predicting what it could do making 1893 computers possible

Why was Ada Byron Lovelace wanted?

because she was great at math and science projects and on the computer.

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Who did Charles Babbage love to work with?

Ada the Countase of Lovelace

What contribution did Ada Bryon make to computing?

Writing the first program codes. However as the machine they were for, Babbage's Analytical Engine, was never built she never got to run them.