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The book was written originally about geometry but mostly had theories and proofs

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Q: What was the book elements written by euclid about?
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What is the book written by the mathematician Euclid?


What is the famous book written by Euclid?


When was the book The Elements by Euclid written?

about 300 BC

When was Euclid's book Elements written?

about 300 BC

Who wrote a famous book called THE ELEMENTS?

The famous book "The Elements" was written by the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid. It is a mathematical and geometric treatise that serves as the foundation for modern geometry.

What was the name of the most famous book written by the mathematician Euclid?


Did Euclid create the book of elements?

Yes, Euclid wrote Elements.

Who wrote the element?

The book "The Elements" was written by the mathematician Euclid. He was known as the father of geometry.

What types of goemetric ideas did Euclid list in his book series?

Euclid's Elements is a 13 book series on geometry written by Euclid in 300 BC. It includes information on both plane and spatial geometry.

What is the title of the book that Euclid wrote?

Euclid wrote the famous book called Elements

What is the name of the book Euclid wrote?

Euclid's Elements is the name you're after.

What has the author Dennis M'Curdy written?

Dennis M'Curdy has written: 'Euclid's elements' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Geometry