What weighs a Kilo?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A milk carton with 1L of milk

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Q: What weighs a Kilo?
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What food weighs one kilo?

a block of cheese

What weighs 500 kilo?

500 kilograms is 1,102.3 pounds

How does a key weight?

a key or kilo weighs 2.2 pounds

How much does 1000ml of urine weigh?

About 1 kilo. 1000ml of water weighs 1 kilo.

Is 1 kg of wet paint heavier than 1kg of dry paint?

A kilo IS a kilo - They are the SAME > . . . Answer The kilo of wet paint, dried, will weigh less. Another answer However, a kilo of dried paint chips still weighs a kilo.

How many liters equals 1 kilo?

1 liter of water weighs 1 kilo, so diesel would a bit less.

How many pounds are in a keleo?

One KILO weighs roughly 2.2 lbs

What weighs more than a 1000 grams?

Anything that weighs more than a kilo. Or 2.2 pounds, so a lot of things.

How many ounces are in 6 kilograms?

there are about 211.61 Oz in 6kilos, each kilo weighs 2.2lbs

How many kilo-newtons in 195kg?

195 kg of mass weighs 0.312 kilo-newtons on the moon, 0.686 kilo-newtons on Mars, 1.911 kilo-newtons on earth, and zero newtons while coasting at constant speed in space from any one of them to either other.

Does a horse weigh 250 grams?

No not even close an average horse weighs about 450 kilo grams. (One kilo gram is 1000 times heavier than a gram)

How many pound are 1.860 kilo?

On Earth, 1.860 kilogram of mass weighs 4.1 pounds. (rounded)