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No, a pound of anything has the same mass.
Well, my friend, a pound is a pound, so they are of equal weights.

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Q: What weighs more 100 pounds of feathers or 100 pounds of steel?
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What weighs more 2 pounds of feathers or 2 pounds of bricks?

they are the same

What weighs more 2567 pounds of feathers or 2567 pounds of rocks?

They both weigh 2567 pounds.

If you have 5 pounds of nickels and 5 pounds of feathers which one weighs more?

They weigh the same!

Which weighs more 3 pounds of apples or 50 oz of feathers?

3 pounds of apples weigh more than 50 ounces of feathers.

Which weighs more 3lb of apples or 50oz of feathers?

Since there are 16 ounces in a pound, 50 ounces is three and an eighth pounds, which is more than 3 pounds. So the feathers weigh more.

What weighs more 2 ponds of bricks or 2 pounds of a feather?

2 pounds of bricks weighs more than 2 pounds of feathers. Weight is measured in pounds, so both items would weigh the same amount.

Which weighs more 100 pounds of feathers or 100 pounds of lead?

They weigh the same, both are 100 pounds in weight.

What weighs more 100 pounds of gold or 100 pounds of feathers?

They both weigh the same amount, which is 100 pounds.

Which weighs more 125 pounds of cement or 60 kilograms of feather?

Trick question? The 60 kilograms (a little more than 132 pounds) of feathers weigh more!

What is the specific gravity of stainless steel?

Steel has a Specific Gravity of 7.83. This means that a cubic foot of steel weighs 7.83 times more than a cubic foot of water (which weighs 62.4 pounds)

What weighs more 125 pounds of cement or 60 kilograms of feathers?

60kg of feathers weigh more 132 lbs and takes up a lot more space then the is one for you where is the warmest nicest beach east of florida...and its not cape cod.....Its Basin Head beach in Prince Edward Island in Canada check it out.....I can get you land there.

Which is heavier feathers or steel?

Steel is heavier than feathers. This is because steel is a denser material, meaning that a given volume of steel will weigh more than the same volume of feathers.